Monday blue? Maybe you should consider Monday from a different point of view. It’s just a day, the one after the weekend, and it is an occasion to make a difference for your life. You have 24 occasion to make a change, 1440 instants to start doing something. Not for your boss or for your spouse. Not for the kids or the dog. Only for you. Start to think about Monday as a weekly edition of a New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s time to make project and to believe that everything is possible. If your life is so unbearable that just the thought of going through this day makes you cringe, well perhaps you should change something (or everything) in your routine. And stop telling yourself that you are too (please fill in with the adjective that better suit your whining self, such as ugly, poor, old, busy, lonely, shy, unlucky) to do it, cause it’s not true. And you know it’s not. Stop listening to that lazy tiny, boring voice in your mind that keeps telling you will never be able to make it. It’s just your delusional self, shut it up immediately. Have a plan, just a small one maybe, like a weekly tiny little plan. Something to achieve, to complete. Or maybe just open your inner drawer (the one where you keep all your New Year’s resolutions, your “almost-lost” dreams and your “one –day-I’ll-do-it” plans) and act! Just do something. If you don’t believe in yourself and in your abilities, trust me: nobody will. Use Monday as an occasion to make your life special. And having a special life doesn’t mean become as rich as Bill Gates in a day. It means giving to your life the meaning you want for it. Success, excellence, and whatever else come with the first two, require hard work and passion. But you have to start somewhere, right? Your starting point is this Monday. This minute, this second. It’s now. Remember that the only richness you have, the only life’s variable you can try to control, is time. You have the power of managing your time as you prefer. The question is, what will you give up to achieve your dreams? So, ready? Steady… Go! Have fun and happy Monday
Love V@g