Let’s clear the bench from any doubts. Your life is entirely up to you. You are the one on the drive seat. You are the one that choses to let someone else take the wheel. Even in the worst, lonely moment of your existence, you – and only you – are the one in charge. This doesn’t mean you are supposed to feel less lonely or less hurt. It’s just the way it is. You can even be aware of being the one in control, and still feel like shit. It happens, sometimes (actually often) more than once. Maybe you would feel better thinking that nothing lasts forever. Not even our lives, actually. When we suffer we think we will be suffering for the rest of our days. But science proves that this is a lie. Our brains are wired to produce happiness and satisfaction in time. Basically no matter how shitty is your existence at a certain point you will be happy about it. And no, there is no difference between real happiness and fake happiness. They are the same thing. More than this, science is not actually sure that free will really exists. Do we really take any decisions or it’s the unconscious part of our mind that is driving the car instead of us? Are we the passengers of our own existences with the sole power of keeping  an hand on the emergency break? Like, just in case you know. The only thing  we can do, maybe, it is rethinking ourselves and our time. We can stop wasting time for instance. We can start to commit to our true identity. Cause, no matter what we are going through, no matter how lonely we feel, how broken we think we are, before committing to anything else (new friends, new loves, new passions), we have to commit to ourselves. We all have. And the wheel of time keeps spinning whether we do actively step any further or we don’t.  No matter how old we are, we can always do something good for us. Think about your last day. Imagine it. What do you wish you have accomplished by then? What are the things written on your bucket list? Nobody will give us back the time we have lived today. No matter if we are 16 or 60, tomorrow we will be older. Just 24 hours older. Still older. Sadly closer to the edge. So why don’t we start to make things happen? Why don’t we start from us? Are you hurt and sad? Good, pull yourself together, put on some lipstick and start to think about a dream. A big dream, the biggest the better. And after you have figured it out, well… start doing something that will get you closer to achieve it. It’s like a race, without winners or losers. We are all on the same sinking ship. And the things we do, no matter what, won’t change the results. But they will for sure make our staying better or worst. It’s up to us.