How many times have you heard someone telling you that personal improvement, success and in general realization come always when you step outside your comfort zone? I bet tomorrow’s lunch that you have heard this advice more than once. It’s like a mantra… step outside you bubble if you want to become as rich (famous, super cool, powerful) as… (fill in the blank with whoever is your personal idol). And it sounds so easy, right? But, what does it really mean? What’s this mythical comfort zone? I mean, what’s comfortable for me may not be the same for you correct? How do we recognize the comfort zone? And how do we step out of it? Problem is that the ideas suggested are many but not really helpful. Even the good old saying “do every day something that you consider uncomfortable” is not really useful. I mean… taking out the trash naked will be considered very unpleasant by all of us (of course many others will enjoy the show…) but I seriously doubt it will take us anywhere closer to our idea of success. And the concept can be applied to encouragements like “do something you have never done before”. I mean, I never went to work wearing a pink teddy bear costume … and if I will do it tomorrow, I am pretty sure my boss would call the police. So how do we fix it avoiding jail, unemployment and social trauma? I guess a good starting point is figuring out what we really want to achieve.  And another step it could be realize which our weak spots are. And we have to be awfully honest. Cause, trust me, we are exceptionally good at lying to ourselves when it comes to admit our faults and our lacks. Probably it has to be said that we are living in a society that is not helping us in this way. Whenever there is a scandal reported on the news we rarely hear someone involved admitting “it’s all my fault!!!”

There is always a “ready- to use” excuse: “Internet didn’t work! That’s why I couldn’t finish the paper!”, or “The traffic was awful!”, or again “Really I didn’t have time to write you back! I am so busy!” … But we cannot be serious right? At least with ourselves we have to admit that it was only a lie. We could have done it better. We cannot end up believe to our own BS… And nope, no matter how many times we repeat a lie still we don’t make it true. We can make plans in advance… the good thing of the human brain is that it gives us the possibility to imagine events in time. Maybe the comfort zone is nothing more than this. We all know what we lack in. We all know what we should do to improve it. And we all know that luck and “knowing the right people” are not enough if what is missing is hard work and a honest personal feedback.