Can we say it aloud? For once, at least? Can we shout it out? Ok, all of you… stand up and repeat after me:  We are proud of who we are! Here it is. Easy!  Now, let’s do it again: We are proud of every, tiny wrinkle, of every inches of cellulite, of every naughty action we made, of every time we fall. We are freaking proud of our story. Cause it’s ours. It belongs only to us. I do not care if my life is not “Ophra- approved”. I don’t mind if I made lots of mistakes that dragged me down and forced me to start all over again. I am proud of who I am. And nobody will ever be able to take it away from me.

Can we stop believing only for a moment to the paranoid wishes of a society that doesn’t even care if we are fine or not? Can we stop browsing the internet searching for our true selves? We are not gonna find it between ”The hottest bikini diet” and the “the Tinder-sutra that will change you existence”. And no, not even between the latest 10 tips dinner “to make him yours” or the “latest trick to become a genius”. Seriously. Stop it. You are fine like you are. You are free to improve those part of yourself that you want to. Stop listening to the folk out there. They do not have a clue about life. They, all of them, are exactly like you.

If you are 60 and you wanna wear leather: go for it. If you are 20 and you want to try to become an astronaut. Well… what are you waiting for? (And the other way around too… I mean, why not! I would love to see a granny flying to the moon).  Let’s stop believing to the whining of a bunch of people too prude to dream, too scared too change themselves and too selfish to be happy for you. Can we start questioning what the media –society, school, priest, politicians, your doctor – are telling us? Society is not God. It’s just a bunch of human beings  born naked to live blind until the day they’ll die without having a clue of what was going on. Can we stop being scared or feeling inappropriate? We are not like that.

You know something?  Everybody is scared to face a certain type of situation. Maybe the same one you are living in this very moment. If you survive, if you will be happy, if you will not behave like everybody else, if you will fulfill your dreams , well… you will become a problem. Not for everybody of course. But for a lot a lot of peopl, like for those that didn’t want to take the same path you took cause they were scared. Guess what? Who cares! Come on, troublemakers.  You are absolutely great as you are. Get out, be yourself. Start making questions. Have doubts. Always. No matter what.