We are living in a scary world. Today post was supposed to be about science, but then… well I stumbled on  a piece written by Michael Moore about the “Five reasons Trump will win the election in November” (nope, not a Trump fun but I had to deal with Berlusconi for 17 years… I recognize the disease) and well, somehow I got inspired (here there is Michael Moore’s  article, if you wanna have a look at it: http://michaelmoore.com/trumpwillwin/).

I agree with Moore. We cannot bear any other bad news. As a European I had quite a lot lately. Trump, I could say, is not my problem. But unfortunately I would be wrong. Cause, well… a bad US president is everybody’s problem.  I am not on denial. My denial phase started at the real beginning of all this mess, when he stepped in and announced that he was running for the presidency. I remembered that I thought… that it was all a joke. I mean, who could possibly vote for him? Then I also remembered Berlusconi and with that the acceptance phase kicked in. And to be fair, we (Italians) warned you! In September 18th, Beppe Servegnini wrote for the NY Times an enlightening article entitled “What Italy can teach America about Donald Trump” (here’s the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/19/opinion/beppe-severgnini-what-italy-can-teach-america-about-donald-trump.html?_r=0).  I am just saying that I do not want to hear anybody whining at any point of the next 5 years something like: “Nodody told us! We didn’t know” (like the Brits after Brexit did).

Apart from the political analysis (I am not even thinking of stepping into it), I would like to make an historical and social consideration of all this chaos we are unfortunately living in.

The years between the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX  (oh, come on… just a bit history…  stop complaining) were quite good for Europe and the West World in general. And nobody back then would have ever thought that in less than 20 years the world as they knew it would have been ripped apart by not one, but two conflicts, the Second one of which almost destroyed us all. World War II killed a gigantic amount of people in all Europe. Russia lost the 14% of its population, Greece the 11%, France the 2%, Italy 1.6%, Germany almost the 9%. And I am not talking of soldiers only, but of civilians too. A lot of civilians… to whom we have to add the victims of the Nazi genocide: 6 millions of Jews, 500k of roman gypsies, 250k of handicapped citizens, war prisoners… in total more than 11 millions of people.

The death toll is horrifying. We are talking of 80 millions of people: the 3% of the 1940 World Population ripped off in 10 years.

And the economic cost was astonishing as well: entire countries had to be re- built from scratch. Cities, roads, services: all gone. Berlin was a pile of ruins. Milan as well (Monte Stella, a hill in one of the city park is built with the ruins of the buildings destroyed by the war  bombing). The Balkans, Poland, Czech Republic… Europe was a graveyard, literally.

And no, nobody saw it coming.

I am not saying we will face a war soon (I really hope not), what I am suggesting is that we are on the edge of a change. A social, radical change and the conservative pulses pushing us back are a part of it. Trump, Brexit, whatever is going on in Turkey (Armenians genocide people, is time for you to face your past and deal with it), the rise of the extreme right more or less everywhere in Europe, people like Salvini and Grillo in Italy, Marine Le Penn in France, Golden Dawn in Greece are all part of the same reactionary wave, they speak the same language and they personify the same fear. We all see the change coming, what they want is going back to whatever we had before. Whatever is going on nowadays reminds me of “Sphere”, a Barry Levinson’s movie of 1998 with Dustin Hoffmann… you have an opportunity to make every wish comes true but you are so scared of changing that you get trapped in your own nightmares. And the last time this happened we almost didn’t make it…