Some time ago I read an article about the importance of not telling to girls that they could do whatever they want. Yep. There is a negative particle between the preposition and the verb, you are not mistaken. And no, I am not getting nut. Let me explain it, ok? So… I read this article that was all about whining. The blogger was basically saying: “I am not telling my daughter that she could become whatever she wants cause in the end it is not true…. why? Because realizing a dream is hard, society is not always ready and at the end… well, when facing reality she may get depressed”. I read it a couple of times… and honestly only because I was letting my rage sink in. Deep inside my chest. I wanted to reply. But when I was about to, I realized one thing. There were many, many and again many other women that wrote in the comments all my thoughts already. And all these women were older than the blogger. It was like discovering that your mother goes to the Coachella festival while you stay home playing ramino with your gang.
The all point for me was realizing society is kind of going backward. Like Madonna said, the first enemy of women today are women themselves.
And I got it. What that blogger was suggesting summed up the worst selfishness of our kin. Let’s do something only for us… or for our daughters. And when I say “our” daughter, I literally mean “ours”. Not yours, not someone else’s. Only mine. Basically, me. And this is so wrong. So if my daughter won’t make it out there, into the big world. Well, in that case (and in that case only), I have a problem. Who cares if someone else’s daughter could reach that goal? Not me! Snaaaaaaap! Who cares if tomorrow, or in about a century, another woman could do what today I can’t? Not me again!
Lots of women are fighting daily against prejudice and the so called “menspaining” mindset of the West World. And they can do it because in the past, for centuries, other women tried and failed. We can study and own a property today, cause thousands of our sisters have been killed for centuries (and in some countries are still killed today and for the same reason). We are building our future on the ashes and the debris that once were dreams and hopes for hundreds of women that came before us. They tried to change their future and even if they did not make it, they opened the road. Every failure, every single woman fallen and killed, every single expectation turned into nothing, was a stone placed on the path we are travelling today. If we stop believing we could achieve everything, if we stop fighting, if we stop teaching our daughter to keep believing in their dreams, no matter what they are, we would do wrong for those that will follow us.
I do not care if I will fail. I will keep trying. I will do it cause I have a mission and a duty for the future generations. And if one day I will have a daughter I will teach her the same. By the way, I do not mean, only “my daughter”. I mean every single child or girl or woman (no matter how old) that will cross my path. Happiness is empty without a higher meaning. My dream? Doing my part to build a better society for the people of tomorrow. Those I won’t meet. Those that maybe won’t share my dna. Those that anyhow, I can consider my kin. Cause we are all human beings. We are all descendants from the same bunch of crazy apes. And cheers to that.