When it comes to the biggest question of all (no, I am not talking about how to eat like pigs without gaining weight), people know nothing. Imagine if we could ask to 1000 random men and women, which is the secret of their happiness. The answers we’d get, will be something between a gigantic patch of confusing ideas and a shit-pie.

Talking about expectations, we are all the same: confused. We are all confused in the same way. We do our best to find our way in the maze of possibilities, challenges and fears we will find ourselves in, but we cannot be sure of the results. How could we? We haven’t finished our journey yet. And if we look at those that have already finished it, well… they are not much talkative. To be honest, even when they are loquacious, cause for instance they have left something behind like books or works of arts, their words are not really a “how-to-do” manual, but more a collections of ideas. Something to inspire us, to lead the way, to give us the instruments – the tools – we need to build our own path.

So when it comes to our life, is up to us. You all know that positive, sweet attitude that seems so popular nowadays. Like: stay cool, keep smile! Never mind if there is a freaking Apocalypse going on outside! Picture your success in your mind! Well, I have tried that, but… to be honest I felt like a fat idiot all the time. But that’s me. That path is not working for me, but it could work for you. We all have our own way to look at life. And we all have different challenges to face.

And talking about challenges, there is one in particular that we are all doomed to face sooner or later (no, not the waxing time before beach season). I am talking about rejection.

Rejection is part of the process. And it is not something we will experience only when we are 20 something. But it is a phase that will come back into our lives until the day we die. As failure, rejection is hard to swallow, but it is fundamental. How? It will make us stronger. It will make us survivors. And out there, those that manage to fulfill their dreams are survivors.

In a way or in the other. Still survivors. How you react, again is up to you. You could use your anger, or your stubbornness or even both. You could stay positive and keep trying with a smile. You could go for sarcasm. There is not a right way, but many different approach. And there is nobody that can tell you that one is better than the other for sure. It depends from situations, social context and personal character.
Success is personal. And it comes in different form, but it is rarely immediate. It comes with time and work. In other words, tiny, little, accomplished, daily goals are the steps we need in the long run to build our big dreams.

So start working. And if you find yourself at the bottom, do not lose hope. First, the valley is a starting point: you can’t go deeper than that. Second, embrace your failure, try to understand why and how you finish down there. Look at yourself: do you need more strength to climb the mountain? Did you choose a wrong path? Do you need more stamina? Look at your mistakes and note them down to avoid them in the future. Then, when you are ready: take your backpack and start the climb again. And remember: the peak is not the final goal. The journey is much more important.

And for the second biggest question of all, eating like pigs without gaining weight. Well, I guess it is a matter of mathematics. If you are eating for 3000 calories, just make sure you burn 3001. How, once again, is up to you.